An Offering Of Worship An Offering of Worship

  1. " " Prelude - Call to Worship (feat. Carolee & Robert Watson)
  2. " " Let All Creation Worship You
  3. " " I Am Blessed
  4. " " Lamb of Glory
  5. " " O How He Loves You and Me (feat. Emerson Ally)
  6. " " Save Me (feat. Glacia)
  7. " " Only You Are Holy
  8. " " I′m Lost Without You (Dedicated to My Darling Mom - Norah Harper)
  9. " " Holy Spirit Medley
  10. " " Worship Medley
  11. " " No Longer Walking Wounded (Dedicated to My Sister, Suzette Jenkins-Gregory)
  12. " " Crossing Over (feat. Garnet Gibson)
  13. " " Only You Are Holy (Acoustic)
  14. " " Let All Creation Worship You (Acoustic)

Sheer Inspiration Sheer Inspiration

  1. Jesus I Come to You
  2. Worship You (I Dedicate to My Precious Mother, This Is Her Favorite)
  3. My Soul
  4. Live Again (Psalm 118:17)
  5. You Carry Me
  6. Interlude 1 - He Hears Me
  7. He Hears Me
  8. All I Need
  9. Glory
  10. My Jesus
  11. The Lord Is My Keeper (Psalm 121)
  12. Shine (Psalm 80:3; 19)
  13. Interlude 2 - Special Message
  14. Hold My Hand Today
  15. It's Not Over Now

I Shall Live I Shall Live

  1. A Stranger To The Face Of The Sun
  2. The Doctors Gave Up On Me
  3. I Shall Live
  4. Give Thanks To The Lord
  5. Holy Is The Lord
  6. We Have The Victory
  7. Desperate
  8. Praise Him
  9. Change
  10. We Worship You Oh God
  11. Freedom Calls
  12. Jesus
  13. Take A Moment And Live
  14. Take Me In Your Arms
  15. Everything To Me
  16. Medley - Lord I Surrender/ For You I Live


Acquainted with the intensity of life’s trails, I was gravely ill for the period of five and a half (5 1/2) years. Riddled by the bullets of isolation; I became a stranger to the face of the sun. The hospitals in Jamaica WI and USA were a second home for me. Abandoned by my once successful life of ministry and music, stripped of the gift of my independence, totally helpless my health rapidly declined and felt as though I was dead but alive to watch.

Exhausting the medical resources in Jamaica W.I. I moved from one hospital to another and tried various medicines, I did countless tests and yet all results were negative. Consequently the doctors were unable to diagnose my condition. The effects of the mean sickness made me so weak, unable to walk on my own. I was confined to the assistance of a wheel chair.

I became as one imprisoned, stitched to the confines of one too many hospital beds. My body was a heated battle ground; knuckled beneath the lash of agony’s whip; like a cruel scavenger, the sharp teeth of pain mauled my existence. It got to the point where I was incontinent and dependent on replica watches disposable diapers (Pampers). Plagued by symptoms such as, uncontrollable vomiting; ravenous seizures; internal bleeding; hemorrhaging; fainting spells and countless falls; diarrhea; sky rocketing fevers; swellings excruciating pain and other unmentionables. The shadow of death mirrored my every move. I remember when all my veins collapsed and the doctors persistently probed my limp body for hours, in search of just one vein, but inevitably they had to resort to odd ports, to fuel my sustenance.

Insistently grave, my condition took me to some of the lowest moments I’ve experienced in my entire life. It got to the point where I could not even digest water. My body weight plummeted to less than 90 pounds. (A size zero was too big for me I was skin and bones). There were days when I could no longer count from one to ten, my hair fell out, and my skin broke out in hives. I felt like I was literally out of my mind, at times even the recollection of my own name was distant. My doctors told me my organs were functioning at the rate of a seven-year-old child. My eyes reclined into scrawny sockets, my tongue draped from my head, my speech hobbled with a drawl. My bones, joints and muscles sagged beneath the weight and the presence of a pain that I could not escape. I seemed as one stricken with old age, and I could not be left alone. All nutrients were given through intravenous methods. But the constancy of my mother’s care was tantamount to my recovery, as she was forced to relinquish her job and other daily duties in order to supervise my care.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months turned into years... 5 and ½ years. Still, I laid bare in the hands of rescue, as this illness limited my wisdom to the prejudice of its own council. Trapped by its cruel dictates, which tried to ravish the potency of my dreams and silence the rhythm of my existence and the hope that I breathed. Sufficed by the loan of oxygen, with sleepless nights in the intensive care units and often guarded by the patrol of heart monitors, and a loyal net- work of replica watches uk wires, ticking electronic devices, fierce cables, intravenous lines, a barrage of uncomfortable tests and a million injections, militant tubes were drilled into my nostrils to collect the steady stream of bleeding inside of me. But despite the wide spread rumors of my death and the fact that people even called my house to ask the time of my funeral. And even though I lost every thing that I had; and although so called religious leaders said they were…“Tired of praying and if God’s going to take me He should just take me”… I knew it was not over for me, because God’s purpose for my life was not yet complete. And even when my body would shut down and even though the doctors told me that there was nothing more that they could do for me. I continued to hold on to the word of God, which says…


There is Life is the Word!
There is Healing in the Word!
There is Hope in the Word!
There is Deliverance in the Word!

I knew God’s plan and purpose for my life was not even partially complete. And so I BELIEVED that God would raise me up and restore my body. Within the absence of fear, perseverance and determination fueled my limp frame and saturated my spirit. I knew I was in a battle and so I had to fight and remain resolute in my belief. I fought for the fulfillment of God’s destiny and contended for the fruition of his promises in my life. Even in my lowest moments I believed in the power of God and trusted that He was going to come through for me, irrespective of how dismal it seemed in the physical.

My Deliverance:
So, as the prayers of the saints all over the world went up to the Lord as a memorial on my behalf. The strong support of my grand mother- Sarah Harper, my mother-Norah Harper (Pam), my sister- Alicia South, my big cousin-Myrna Mc Namee & the entire family, my close friends all ferried me through this desert phase. God in His time answered and extended His hand to crush the hand of the enemy and silence the edit pronounced against my existence. The powerful name of Jesus broke the spirit of witchcraft and the curse of death that was over my life!

And one faithful Friday night…my mom brought me straight from the hospital to church;. There, God was pleased to use the committed, anointed and humble Pastors and servants. He heeded the beckon of His name as they called upon Him, on my behalf; to usher in the complete manifestation of my healing deliverance. And through a series of fervent deliverance prayers; resolute faith, sheer determination and perseverance; and in what seemed to be gazillion manifestation sessions… The savage demons, which were assigned to kill me; all admitted defeat to the powerful name of Jesus! Jesus broke the curse of death and witchcraft from over my life! And today, this assignment is utterly destroyed!

My organs had no choice but to listen to the voice of its creator. Gods’ voice commanded the normality of function. My bones became strengthened, my blood became purified, my skin and digestive system and organs surrendered in agreement to the work on the cross. BY HIS STRIPES I AM ETERNALLY HEALED!

My entire being is now transformed and renewed. I don’t need the assistance of a wheelchair anymore. I don’t need heart monitors anymore; I don’t need feeding tubes; I do not need those pampers or medications anymore! I can eat and digest anything I desire. I am jumping and leaping and praising God. All the symptoms and the source of this illness are eternally rebuked. An undoubtedly, the plan of the enemy has been destroyed!

My remarkable recovery is a testament of God’s miraculous power. Indeed we serve a God of second, third and even fourth chances. In His mercy He has drafted me into the sphere of new beginnings!

Healing is the children’s’ bread!
I know what it is to start over…
Because it’s not over until God says so! I am a survivor; an over comer, and by His grace, I’m more than a conqueror! It is from this place of gratitude to God that I sing today. He has given me a new Life…He has given me another day and another chance… He has given me another chance to feast on the breath of freedom…to be in the land of the living, and to become one with the purpose and destiny he has ordained for my life! I SHALL NOT DIE BUT LIVE… TO DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD! HALLELUJAH!

So friends, what ever challenges you are confronting today; please know that the power of God is infinite. And with Him, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! I speak to you as one who has been raised from the dead; and I know that if He did it for me; He will also do it for you. Continue to believe and not doubt; have faith in Him; call upon His name; and He will bring you out!

His has an amazing plan for your lives…surrender to Him completely, and He will dispel the presence of your cares, your worries, misery and all your strife. He wants to manifest His promises for you…look to him today and He will take you through.  


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