An Offering Of Worship An Offering of Worship

  1. " " Prelude - Call to Worship (feat. Carolee & Robert Watson)
  2. " " Let All Creation Worship You
  3. " " I Am Blessed
  4. " " Lamb of Glory
  5. " " O How He Loves You and Me (feat. Emerson Ally)
  6. " " Save Me (feat. Glacia)
  7. " " Only You Are Holy
  8. " " I′m Lost Without You (Dedicated to My Darling Mom - Norah Harper)
  9. " " Holy Spirit Medley
  10. " " Worship Medley
  11. " " No Longer Walking Wounded (Dedicated to My Sister, Suzette Jenkins-Gregory)
  12. " " Crossing Over (feat. Garnet Gibson)
  13. " " Only You Are Holy (Acoustic)
  14. " " Let All Creation Worship You (Acoustic)

Sheer Inspiration Sheer Inspiration

  1. Jesus I Come to You
  2. Worship You (I Dedicate to My Precious Mother, This Is Her Favorite)
  3. My Soul
  4. Live Again (Psalm 118:17)
  5. You Carry Me
  6. Interlude 1 - He Hears Me
  7. He Hears Me
  8. All I Need
  9. Glory
  10. My Jesus
  11. The Lord Is My Keeper (Psalm 121)
  12. Shine (Psalm 80:3; 19)
  13. Interlude 2 - Special Message
  14. Hold My Hand Today
  15. It's Not Over Now

I Shall Live I Shall Live

  1. A Stranger To The Face Of The Sun
  2. The Doctors Gave Up On Me
  3. I Shall Live
  4. Give Thanks To The Lord
  5. Holy Is The Lord
  6. We Have The Victory
  7. Desperate
  8. Praise Him
  9. Change
  10. We Worship You Oh God
  11. Freedom Calls
  12. Jesus
  13. Take A Moment And Live
  14. Take Me In Your Arms
  15. Everything To Me
  16. Medley - Lord I Surrender/ For You I Live

Contact Glacia

Enhance your event with a visit from Glacia. This powerful praying woman of God is blessed with a unique voice that is used to enrich the lives of others. A multi-award winning vocalist, Glacia is truly a worshipper and speaker.

Ministering in concerts, conferences, seminars and missions worldwide, our desire is to seize every moment possible for soul winning; utilizing the message of love, forgiveness, restoration and hope to the whole man through the following:
  • Praise and Worship
  • Intercession
  • Prophetic Ministry
  • Healing and Deliverance
  • The Spoken Word

Declaring hope to the hopeless, needy, unloved, forgotten and abandoned through the gift of the arts we will testify the lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives. By lifting him up we believe that He will draw all men unto himself.

"The Hands of the grave will not trap our treasures. Its callous voice will not make silent the wealth of our dreams or talents. And when all is said and done; let it not be said that we lived unfulfilled lives; or that we did not exhaust the true potential of all gifts given. The greatest gift of charity is to give what’s inside your heart….So let’s live in the abandonment of ourselves and be purpose driven. Let’s live to the fullest and maximize our existence by God’s design forever abandoning all for the sake of the call."
– Glacia

If you are interested in booking Glacia for your event, please complete this form with event details.

Non-bookings related information
You can reach Glacia directly by email at

Glacia Related websites
Electronic Press Kit


Lilies International / The Kings Temple
New Testament Temple
Ecclesiastic Ministries International
SonLight Community Church

Favorite Charities
Great Love Foundation: Great Love Foundation
Food For The Poor: Food For The Poor

Producers/ Music
Mark Brown
Maurice Gregory
Emerson Ally
Carolee Mayne

Graphics / Photography / Design
Errol Lyons
Emerson Ally
Gary Harper

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